Monte Marcella

welcome to Marcel
and Marcella.

Monte Marcella's unique location is deeply rooted in a rich family history, dating back to the farmstead of our Founder & Host Chris Mullie's grandparents. It is this personal legacy that formed the basis for what Monte Marcella is today. The names of these two special people, Marcel and Marcella, merged to form the inspiration behind the name of our resort.

Built on the foundations of their farmstead, Monte Marcella embodies not only a tribute to their names, but also to their spirit of hospitality, strength and love of the land. This place, where fields were once tilled by Marcel and Marcella, has now been transformed into a haven where visitors from all over the world can live for a moment like a true cycling pro at altitude.

Chris Mullie Founder and Host

With Monte Marcella, things have come full circle for Founder & Host Chris Mullie.

Raised on a farm, he knew at an early age what work was. His interest soon transcended home because together with some friends from the KLJ (Catholic Rural Youth) he began to organize parties: very traditional at first, but soon trendsetting with impressive sand and snow parties, among other things.

The entrepreneurial bug would never leave him. In 2003, Mullie founded Barias, which helps other companies package and stock refrigerated food products. That too became a success story. In 2021, entrepreneurial organization Unizo proclaimed Barias the national 'SME of the Year'. Anno 2024, the company has about 150 employees.

Monte Marcella must now become his opus magnum. 

Frederik Van Lierde Ambassador

Known for his unyielding pursuit of perfection and that one extra percent that makes all the difference, Frederick embodies the essence of what we offer at Monte Marcella. His victory at the 2013 Ironman in Hawaii and recognition as Athlete of the Year highlight his exceptional dedication and achievements in the sport.

Working with Frederik Van Lierde reflects our shared belief that the right conditions and facilities are essential to achieving top results. Our altitude rooms are precisely designed to give athletes like Frederik that crucial percentage extra needed for high performance. It is this synergy that makes the collaboration between Frederik and Monte Marcella such a natural match.


Living like a pro rider

Our mission is to make the professional cycling experience accessible to all by providing a world-class adventure that welcomes and challenges all cycling enthusiasts.


Ultimate cycling destination

Our vision is to be the ultimate cycling destination, known worldwide to fulfill every cyclist's dream and set the gold standard for cycling experiences.

Our values


Equality in experience.

We believe that every guest, regardless of their skill level, should be treated like a professional before, during and after their adventure at Monte Marcella.


International inspiration.

We strive to provide inspiration so that cycling enthusiasts from around the world can be part of our community and fulfill their ultimate cycling experience.


Exceptional service.

We go above and beyond to fulfill all your requests and ensure that your cycling experience is the gold standard, while ensuring your privacy in all our services.