Monte Marcella

Live High, Train Low.

We offer you the unique opportunity to live and train like a real pro. Our resort, with its customizable altitude settings from 0 to 4,500m, allows you to experience the challenges and benefits of altitude training as the professionals do. Not only in the bedrooms, but also in our other facilities - from ice baths, spa, dining room, cinemas, gym to hobby rooms - we can simulate altitude conditions.

Live at altitude train at sea level

Live High, Train Low

There is a consensus in the sports world that the best results are achieved with the principle of "live high, train low. Training is preferably done at sea level, while sleeping and living at high altitudes. This concept, which exploits the advantages of high altitude training without the disadvantages of lower oxygen levels during intensive training, is perfectly integrated into Monte Marcella's facilities.


Advanced technology

At Monte Marcella, we apply advanced technology to safely and effectively simulate the effects of altitude training. This technology works by adjusting the amount of oxygen in the air, giving your body the impression that it is at high altitude. Normally, the air at high altitude contains less oxygen, which stimulates the body to make more red blood cells. This process increases your body's ability to transport oxygen, leading to a significant improvement in your fitness and endurance.

Our technology is 100% safe and designed to give you the benefits of altitude training without any risks. It's a simple yet powerful way to improve your athletic performance, all from the comfort of our resort.


Height is adjustable

Our vision is to be the ultimate cycling destination, known worldwide to fulfill every cyclist's dream and set the gold standard for cycling experiences.

Frederick Van Lierde

"Thanks to the latest technology, the 16 rooms (with a total of 42 beds) can be transformed into altitude rooms, allowing us to achieve the same effects of an altitude training. More than that, we also offer altitude stimulation in many common areas such as the food lounge, fitness, living room, wellness and cinema room. The numerous facilities at altitude make Monte Marcella unique in the world."

Common Heights Rooms

Mental strength is key

Emphasizing the crucial role of team spirit, our resort offers common height rooms. Not only in the bedrooms but also common areas at altitude such as the media room, wellness, living room, dining area and more, providing a perfect setting for relaxation and social interactions, all within an exclusive and homely atmosphere.