Monte Marcella

Common elevation rooms.

Emphasizing the crucial role of team spirit, our resort offers adjustable altitude settings from 0 to 4,500 meters. This unique feature allows teams to live and train permanently at altitude, not only in their bedroom but in all facilities. Explore our spaces at altitude on this page.

16 bedrooms abreast

A total of 42 beds at altitude

Sleep in one of our 16 bedrooms at altitude, totaling 42 beds, and experience the unique benefits of living at altitude.

All of our height rooms can also be transformed into regular luxury bedrooms, giving you the comfort and luxury you deserve, with the flexibility to customize your stay completely to your liking.

Media Room elevated

Perfect for team meetings and presentations

A dynamic space perfect for media presentations, strategic team meetings or relaxed movie nights. Designed with flexibility in mind, this space provides teams and visitors with the ideal environment for both professional and recreational activities.

Fitness at height

Choose an altitude or sea level workout

Push your limits in our hypoxic gym. Equipped with height training technology for a more intense workout, and the flexibility to use the gym even without height adjustment for a versatile workout experience.

Wellness elevated

Relaxation can also be training!

Some of our wellness facilities are height adjustable, so you can enjoy the benefits of altitude training while completely relaxing. This unique combination offers the best of both worlds: improving your performance and health while indulging in pure relaxation.

Food Lounge elevated

Dining at 4,500 meters!

No more lonely meals in your own room. Slide into our food lounge and enjoy dinner with your team at 4,500 meters above sea level!

Living room elevated

Altitude training in a home atmosphere

Experience cozy moments in our living room at altitude, where you combine the comforts of home with the benefits of altitude training. This unique space offers you the chance to relax and socialize at altitude, allowing you to not only enjoy the company of friends and family, but also improve your performance without having to be active.