Monte Marcella

The ultimate cycling experience.

Starting in April 2024, we will launch phase 1 of Monte Marcella.
Opening to the general public is scheduled for Q4 2024.

Welcome to the cyclinghalla Flanders

Experience Flanders like a true cycling pro!

At Monte Marcella you are in the heart of Flanders cycling paradise, a place every cycling enthusiast dreams of. Our resort is perfectly located as a starting point for unforgettable cycling tours.

Within an hour of pedaling you will reach the top of the Kemmelberg, while the legendary slopes of the Flemish Ardennes are just a stone's throw away

Experience life at altitude in our altitude rooms

We offer you the unique opportunity to live and train like a real pro. Our resort, with its customizable altitude settings from 0m to 4500m, allows you to experience the challenges and benefits of altitude training as the professionals do. Not only in the bedrooms, but also in our other facilities - from ice baths, spa, dining room, cinemas, gym to hobby rooms - we can simulate altitude conditions.

A premium resort experience

Experience numerous workout and relaxation facilities designed to appeal to both the athletic adventurer and the family. Enjoy the luxury of complete privacy, premium facilities and a home-like atmosphere that combine to ensure an unforgettable experience. 


Proud of our gold partners

Experience life like a pro at Monte Marcella

Experience the ultimate cycling dream at Monte Marcella, where we give you the chance to live like a true pro. Whether you want to experience for yourself what it's like to train and rest like a top athlete, or simply explore the passion for cycling on a deeper level, we offer a customized experience for every cycling enthusiast. With options ranging from breakfasts designed by nutritionist Ien Vitse specifically for true champions, to bikefitting by professionals and riding legendary routes guided by (ex-)pro riders, everything is dedicated to your cycling adventure.


Living like a pro rider

Our mission is to make the professional cycling experience accessible to all by providing a world-class adventure that welcomes and challenges all cycling enthusiasts.


Ultimate cycling destination

Our vision is to be the ultimate cycling destination, known worldwide to fulfill every cyclist's dream and set the gold standard for cycling experiences.

Where knowledge and resort converge

Monte Marcella hosts regular lectures and media events highlighting the benefits of living at altitude, organized in collaboration with expert partners.

Science and Cycling Symposium

On the occasion of the launch of a new high altitude resort; Monte Marcella in Ledegem, Science & Cycling will present a symposium for performance cycling.



Tri and Run Symposium

3VL presents a symposium for coaches of high-performance triathlon and running athletes, following the launch of the new Flemish High Altitude Resort: Monte Marcella.